Hair and Beauty Salon Dividers

Keep your staff and customers healthy and safe using screen guards.

  • Use dividers to prevent viruses or pathogens from spreading.
  • Install protection screens to comply with safe distancing measures.
  • Choose clear screen guards to preserve your salon’s interior design.

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Hair and Beauty Salon Dividers Applications

  • If your constricted space makes it difficult for customers to stay within 6 feet of one
    another, use screen guards as protective barriers.
  • Even with safe distancing markers in place, add an extra layer of protection using screen guards.
  • Make customers feel safe and comfortable in the “new normal” way of pampering up.
  • Use screen guards to comply with your local government’s COVID – 19 health and
    safety recommendations.
  • Use dividers to create sections for specific salon services, such as hair washing, facial
    treatments, and more.
  • Accommodate customers safely with sneeze screens for your reception area.