Invisible barriers

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Some in the hospitality industry have taken a different approach to keeping their employees and patrons safe. ‘Pods’ or ‘bubbles’ are being used to not only potentially increase the number of patrons allowed on premises but also give a better experience for customers. Trialled in the Netherlands, where restaurants have opened with small glasshouses for diners to sit in, many are now taking this into the indoor space.

Compartmentalising the area into safe sections whilst not obstructing light or noise, the clear screens could offer a more authentic experience without putting any non-masked at risk. This could allow restaurants to open their doors to up to 60% of their usual capacity rather than just 25% – a difference that could secure the survival of more of our local independents.

What’s more, plastic barriers will also be encouraged at points of sale and for the protection of the workers themselves who are in constant contact with new people every day.