Office Dividers

Divide your office into sections to create a multi – functional space.

  • Create designated spaces for different types of work activities.
  • Manage office noise to create a conducive work environment.
  • Create private meeting rooms or workspaces in an open office set-up.

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Office Dividers Applications

  • Change your office’s layout using office partitions that you can move around anytime.
  • Create a big conference room in your open office.
  • Create smaller conference rooms for team or department meetings.
  • Provide individual semi-private office cubicles for your team members.
  • Use privacy screens to help employees focus when working at their stations.
  • Hide piles of documents, unused office equipment, or other items from view.
  • Easily divide and arrange workstations to accommodate your growing workforce.
  • Keep your staff and clients safe with sneeze screens placed in between workstations.
  • Maintain safe interaction with office guests using screen guards at your reception desk or divider screens at your waiting area.