Protect Your Customers and Staff with Shield-Tec’s Sneeze Guards

Why are Sneeze Guards important?

Sneeze screens offer an extra layer of protection for the people in your space. With safe distancing measures in place, sneeze screens placed in between tables or desks block the movement of any harmful viruses or pathogens. These are invisible to the eye, so it’s worth it to use sneeze guards at all times.

Having these table shields installed at key locations in your space makes staff and customers feel safe and protected, which helps them interact confidently in the “new normal” way of going about their daily activities.

Shield-Tec Sneeze Guards: Thoughtful Design, Reliable Material

Designed to function as sneeze guards, desk partitions, or office dividers, Shield-Tec sneeze guard are available in multiple sizes and compatible with all desks and tabletops. High quantities of our sturdy sneeze shields are always in stock and ready to ship—and they install effortlessly so you can achieve health and safety in seconds.

• High-quality acrylic sneeze screens
• Easy to install
• Sleek design that goes well with your space’s interior layout
• Wide range of sizes to choose from

Check Out Our Sneeze Screens Today

Whether it’s a restaurant, office, medical centre, or club you manage, you can rely on the sneeze guards we at Shield-Tec can provide for you. Check out our available table shields below. We offer FREE shipping Australia-wide. For enquiries, call us at 1300 770 580 or email us at