The awakening of the hospitality industry: can restaurants and pubs recover from COVID-19?

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One of the hardest-hit industries by COVID-19 has undoubtedly been restaurants, bars and cafes. At their essence, restaurants, bars and cafes are places for people to gather and socialise; the busier the better. But in a pandemic world, they could no longer perform their core function. With the world in turmoil, Scott Morrison announced a country-wide ban on eating or drinking in on the 23rd March.

Of course, this was a necessary step for the safety of Australians, as safely wearing a mask, social distancing and the high levels of sanitation needed could not simply be achieved in a hospitality environment. However, this left many casual workers without an income and business owners fearful of whether they were closing their doors for good.

Throughout the lockdown period, some businesses remained closed, while others innovatively transformed their offerings to delis, shops, takeaway and pick up only facilities.

As of April, 29th things have been looking up for the industry – with a three-step plan introducing back forms of normality laid out for the coming months. The first step? Re-opening for customers for a sit-in experience, still abiding by social distancing rules.