Ultimate Sneeze Guards for Virus Protection

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has gone on for nearly two years now, it still continues to be a risk to our health and safety today, as COVID cases are still popping up in the country and all over the world.

The good news though is that we, as a culture, have learned to manage, even with COVID still around. In today’s pandemic-affected world, health and safety practices like wearing masks, social distancing, and hand-washing have become deeply ingrained in our everyday lives. We’ve learned to accept these as our new normal and have continued to interact with each other safely even in our challenging times.

One major health and safety measure that businesses have implemented is installing sneeze guards in key areas in their facilities. You can see sneeze guards in all types of spaces, from hospitals to your local neighbourhood restaurants.

Do sneeze guards work? Why are they important? And, for business owners, what features should you look for in a sneeze guard? Learn more in this article.

Importance of sneeze guards

They prevent the spread of viruses and germs in your facility.

Sneeze guards became more popular when the COVID pandemic took over the world. COVID protection screens were first installed to serve as a protective barrier between people and to enforce social distancing practices.

They helped to make it less likely for people to catch COVID when in public places. Even when wearing masks became mandatory, having protection screens served as an extra layer of protection.

But what COVID only made businesses and organisations realise is how easy it is for any kind of virus to spread, not just COVID. Even something as simple as a common cold can quickly become an office flu when health and safety measures aren’t in place. That in turn can affect productivity significantly.

Using sneeze guards is therefore an all-season solution and a great way to keep staff or customers protected from any health risks.

Installing sneeze guards means your organisation follows health and safety practices.

Safe Work Australia recommends that protection screens be installed in workplaces where workers have their stations close to each other. And even when it wasn’t mandatory, many Aussie businesses, from retail centres to cafes, chose to have screens installed in their space to provide extra protection to customers.

Using protection screens is a great way to show your cooperation in keeping everyone safe.

You help people safely gather in the new normal.

When COVID-19 first hit, people hid away in their homes, completely isolated from others. But with products like sneeze guards, there’s now a safe way to interact with people in person.  

Whether it be coworker-to-coworker or staff-to-customer, COVID protection screens help people foster and enjoy personal connections without the risk of getting sick.  

The ultimate sneeze guard for virus protection: important features you should look for

Durable plastic

As with any other investment, you want something that will last you a long time. Protection screens made of durable plastic, like Perspex or acrylic sheets, are exactly what you need.

Acrylic screens are tougher, more impact-resistant than glass, and they are extremely tolerant to pressure. High quality hard plastic screens are also scratch-resistant.

Good design in a range of sizes

In terms of design, you want something that has a sleek, clean finish. Transparent screens are able to offer safety in your space without ruining its interior style. Screens with rounded edges are also safer to use.  

You also want screens that are thick enough to be firm when installed but narrow enough to make only little footprint in your space. Choose a provider that can offer you protection screens in a variety of sizes so you can gauge what would be best for your space.

Ease of application

Finally, the best sneeze guards are those that can be installed in minutes. They should ideally make it easy for you to do the installation yourself, to avoid any further labour costs you might incur or downtime you might experience if you hire someone for the job.  

Choose only high-quality, easy-to-install sneeze guards with Shield-Tec

At Shield-Tec, our table shields and protection screens are made of high-quality acrylic, locally designed and produced to meet Australian standards.  

Our protection screens are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs to suit your specific needs. They are fitted with double sided tape for easy installation and extra rigidity.  

With our quick turnaround times and free Australia-wide shipping offer, rest assured that your sneeze guards will be with you in no time.  

Let us help you keep your staff and customers safe. Work with Shield-Tec today. For enquiries, call us at 1300 770 580, email us at support@shield-tec.com.au, or leave a message via our website’s contact form.